Using Pietra’s Creator Hub to Start Your Brand

Using Pietra’s Creator Hub to Start Your Brand
Join the community that thousands of Creators trust to launch their brand.
Sourcing & Production
Pietra gives you access to top suppliers from around the world to manufacture your products and packaging. When you're browsing through categories, every supplier you find in Pietra's ecosystem is hand picked by Pietra.
Popular Categories: Fashion, Beauty, Candles, Jewelry
Hundreds of factories at your finger tips
Your production costs will be $7.20/unit and can be sold for $49/unit.
Working With Suppliers
When you find a supplier you like, you can order samples from their private label catalog. You can also chat with a supplier directly to have something custom manufactured, like your own skin care formula.
Pro Tip: Access a global supply chain in a few clicks
Pietra coordinates logistics from your supplier so you don’t have to.
Pietra Fulfillment Services
When you’re done working with your supplier you can send all your inventory to be assembled, stored, and shipped out of a Pietra Fulfillment Center in just a few clicks. Supercharge your brand with low cost 2-day shipping.
Fulfillment rates as low as: $1/unit
Set up your business in a few clicks with the best rates in the industry.
Use Pietra’s E-commerce tools to set up your online shop or connect your existing website to the platform. You can also use Pietra to connect to Instagram Shopping or automatically sell on 3rd Party Marketplaces with no extra work.
Pro Tip: Use Pietra to sell your products on multiples sales channels to maximize sales.
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